Veerammal Educational Trust

Special Education

Special Education

Veerammal Educational and Charitable Trust is committed to providing high-quality, free education to children with intellectual challenges. Our dedicated team of special teachers, specialized resources, and unique teaching methods ensure that these children receive the education they deserve. Our focus extends beyond academics; we prioritize imparting employability skills and fostering sustainability, with the ultimate goal of helping these children become dignified, self-sustainable adults.

We understand that holistic support is crucial, which is why we go beyond educational services. Our trust also provides therapeutic support, ensuring the overall well-being of our students. Regular health checkups and visits from renowned pediatricians are arranged for our students, offering them the privilege of accessing these services. Moreover, we organize extracurricular activities, educational trips, and special events at regular intervals, enriching their learning experiences and fostering their overall development.

At Veerammal Educational and Charitable Trust, we believe in providing comprehensive support and opportunities to children with intellectual challenges, helping them thrive and lead fulfilling lives.

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